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    The characters of Brin d'Amour are full-scale of 35cm-14", as in the cartoon. Sign of their universal character, these small ambassadors of nonviolence arrive wrapped in a transparent Earth globe measuring 25,5cm-10". The continents are being seen in relief. 

The globe is more than an innovative packing, it is educational while being decorative. Easy to transport and to suspend, it is made of recyclable matters, as all Brin d’Amour’s products.
  The Brin d'Amour characters are from different ethnic groups and have different appearances. Their face is inspired by a heart; he’s expressing a lot with his smile and his hearts on the cheeks.

Brin d'Amour brings to the child a physical and daily presence of the concept. It’s an occasion for the child to practice his imagination and to live a feeling of complicity.
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  enlarge   The real characters are equipped with a completely special backpack. When the child is overcome by a fright or a sorrow, he knows that he can confide in Brin d'Amour. He can put his fear or his sadness in the Brin d’Amour’s backpack who will take care of the disappearance of contents.

Other toys and accessories have been developed for this concept. The realisation of several others is possible for this project. All Brin d'Amour’s products are manufactured in a fair way.
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