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Opportunity Offer
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  Presented concept is meant to be an opportunity offer to sow a seed of peace in the children’s heart. Fallout will be important for the bearers of messages, the children and much more. Brin d'Amour’s values assure an orientation of the project which will be made with respect of the human being and the nature.

The project is elaborated and ready to put together all the pieces needed to be united for its realisation. An agreement of use and royalties is available for the bearers of Brin d'Amour. Incomes generated by the intellectual rights will be strictly injected into the Brin d'Amour Foundation. This transparent organisation is dedicated to help the children, in true life, by direct actions on the field.

The project dimension requests the collaboration of partners
having resources to speed up a planetary project.

The tree of opportunity is all covered with leaves, it reveals its
colours and the Internet transports its message.
Some fallout...
In the respect of
the human being
and the nature.
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Internet and Game