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  The original idea was formed in René Sirois’ heart in 1991.
Since then, the dream of Brin d'Amour was transformed from the first picture into an integrated concept, always in the service of an aimed goal:
to help uniting the children of the Earth in an energy of peace.

This proposed concept of Brin d'Amour is composed of a cartoon, toys and accessories, Internet site and a game. This is a suggested concept
and it can be improved by respecting the values of Brin d'Amour. This site introduces a synthesis of the elaborated concept.
  Giving the example through the
action... For the children
who will always be
the winners of

Brin d'Amour.
Love, friendship, respect, tolerance and solidarity are fundamental values.
While tendency is rather into violence and into fright, Brin d'Amour dares to show its form
and offers an integrated concept for the well-being of the children, the big winners of Brin d'Amour.

A good way to transmit a message is to give an example through the action. Activities of cartoon
characters are bearing essential values to live in peace. The cartoon is the pivot of the concept,
it brings attachment to the characters and to the values. Toys and accessories, as well as
Internet and game, bring the child’s involvement and interactivity in the heart of action.
Toys and Accessories
Internet and Game