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  enlarge   Central crossroad of the Brin d'Amour universe, the Website allows the children to establish a privileged link with their favourite Brin d'Amour and to maintain a true, multilingual and entirely secure correspondence with friends from all over the world.

Exempt from advertising and commercial solicitation, this educational and highly interactive space invites the children to adopt positive values while being entertain. The Website also gives an opportunity to the parents to know the philosophy of the Brin d'Amour’s concept.

By living the experience to interact and to communicate through the Brin d’Amour’s Website and Game, the big winners develop a feeling of membership in the planetary community, besides acquiring social values.

The learning Game, which the educational contents will be linked to topics introduced in the cartoon, will be included into the Website. The Game allows to explore his creativity by the conception of elements and of stories proper to the child.

The flexibility of the Game brings a world of possibilities. Every player will customise his virtual atmosphere and the characters who live there. He will then evolve in a world that is creative and comforting in the same time.

The goal is to have a good time while developing his aptitude of creativity.
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