Brin d'Amour
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There are no heroines without villains. Ziberna is a kind of space witch taking herself for a goddess and having aims full of hatred. Every bad deed which she achieves stimulates her vital energy. She spends her time harming  Brin d'Amours. Her objective is to store enough negative energy to increase her power in the ultimate purpose to take over The Mysterious City.

She transforms herself into Brin d'Amour and adopts their manners. But she is unmasked because she is so baleful that she fails to recreate on her face their love and their compassion. She has magical powers and elaborated elixirs to counter the powers of the Brin d'Amours.


Dr. Arobas is a scientific researcher and a Zouboulou hunter. He wants to capture the strange animal with the intention to discover how he manages to be weightlessness on the Earth. His objective is to exploit the phenomenon.

Dr. Arobas does not like to get dirty. He always wears gloves and never touches Zouboulou. It happens that the animal is in front of him, it only remains for him to grab the Zouboulou… but this is the job for the Brod… and at this moment everything becomes more complicated. The Brod are two cousins, they are called Rod and Bod.

Dr. Arobas never remembers their names that is why he calls them Brod. They are fool, so fool that they are hilarious!!   Watch a Demo
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