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The members of the Space Super Squad have a common mission: to share their values by putting their intelligence, their experience and their powers at the service of the children of the whole universe.

In order to do that, the Council of the Mysterious City built several orbital stations at strategic places in the space and created a multitude of Space Super Squads by choosing and regrouping by team Brin d'Amours having a particular power.

It is a great honour for a Brin d'Amour to be chosen and linked to an orbital station. Once in the space, they are linked to the city by a giant screen where the City Council regularly appears to transmit information and instructions to them.

The Orbital Station #3519 is a hyper-high-tech place orbiting around the Earth. This cockpit is made of corridors stacked on several floors. A huge porthole gives an outstanding view on the planet. From there, it’s possible to admire shooting stars generated by the departure of the teleport capsules.


In front of the porthole there is a tele-scan whose lenses are persistently oriented towards the Earth. It’s linked to the luminous Earth table and to the giant screen. Added to it, the tele-transporter of fajitas, for those who are being fond of this famous terrestrial food as the Zouboulou, this strange and gourmet space animal.

Coming from a planet at the point of being destroyed, Zouboulou has fled in its space capsule. After days of drifting in our galaxy, his engine ran aground on the space station of the Brin d'Amour. They felt sympathy for him and they adopted him.   Watch a Demo

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