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Brin d'Amours are without age and almost identical. Each has its own appearance and its personality. They may use some powers in urgent situation. The Brin d'Amours only need to settle on the shoulder of the child in trouble in order for him to be invested by the power.

Also, when two Brin d'Amours join their energy, the child becomes, for a short instant, invested with even more special powers. There are several possible combinations: bulldozer effect, the hologram, the ghost effect, the tornado, the temporal stopping, the growth, the anti-gravity, etc.

Eloic is a vivacious and spontaneous hero. He has a lot of humour and he likes to play tricks, especially to Orian. He has the power to run at the speed of light.

Kalou is an inventive ingenious and resourceful heroine. She can find a phone number in an igloo. Nano passionately
pleases her. She has the power of strength.

Orian is a Brin d'Amour
who always works in the
space station. He dreams
to be part of the super
squad and it’s amusing to see him practising to try
to control a power.
Lolie is a dynamic and impulsive heroine. She
is a daredevil and she gives cold sweats.
She has the power of telepathy.
Nano is an energetic hero who
has leadership qualities and he’s
very timid. He has a rational and
logical mind to estimate well.
He has the power of invisibility.

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