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Passionate girls and boys are engaged in adventures, investigations and plans filled with traps, to whom Brin d'Amours come to bring their support.

Every story introduces a child in a quest that is precious to him: a desire, a dream, a necessity, a need, an aspiration, etc. This quest, by its human dimension and the emotions they bring on, transcends cultures and attains a universal dimension.

Stories are inspired by topics which touch all children in their daily life: friendship, jealousy, fright, rivalry, family, school, environment, discoveries, science, animals, illness, etc.


The young stars of these stories come from different regions with customs, traditions and life habits particular to each of them.
The adventures take place all over the world, for example: in a Pyramid in Egypt, in a Hollywood special effects studio, in a cave in Africa, in a shanty enlargetown of Rio de Janeiro, in the Louvre,
on a snowmobile track in Canada, at the top of Machu
Pichu, in a New York apartment, etc.

When a child is facing insurmountable trap,
Brin d'Amours are alerted and they come
to their rescue. They assist the child by
allowing him to promote his own skills.

When it is neccessary, Brin d'Amours
transmit their powers to the girl or to the boy
in order to help him to go to the end of its quest
while sharing their essential values.   Watch a Demo
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The Heroines and the Heroes
The Girls and the Boys
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