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Across a series of adventures in the purest tradition of animation, the Brin d'Amour cartoon dares to offer to solve conflicts by the collaboration, creativity, smartness, nonviolence and humour.

Brin d'Amour wants to captivate and to entertain wisely while allowing to discover the world, its many challenges and its different cultures.

This television concept introduces palpitating adventures of the Space Super Squad based in the Orbital Station #3519. Brin d'Amours are equipped with hyper sophisticated gadgets and they observe the Earth ready to be teleported when a child in trouble needs assistance.

Audacious girls and boys team up with their heroines and their heroes to go at the end of their quest by surpassing obstacles and danger which they meet on their way.

Brin d'Amours are adorable small beings with big powers. They come from The Mysterious City which is hidden in a parallel dimension. This invisible place shelters a technically very advanced peaceful society.

They went through wars which practically led their society to the edge of destruction, they had to show solidarity, tolerance, respect, friendship and love to live in peace. Brin d’Amours arrive on Earth to help to create a better world.

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